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Edited by Brit Berggreen & Nanno Marinatos. 184 pages. ISBN: 978-82-91626-00-0.
Edited by Øivind Andersen & Matthew Dickie. 178 pages. ISBN: 978-82-991411-9-0.
Edited by David R Jordan, Hugo Montgomery & Einar Thomassen. 335 pages. ISBN: 978-82-91626-15-4.
Papers from the first international symposium on symbolism at the University of Tromsö, June 4-7,...
Selected Papers and Discussions from the Tenth Anniversary Symposion of the Norwegian Institute...
Edited by Synnöve des Bouvrie. 391 pages. ISBN: 978-82-91626-22-2.
Papers from the Third International Seminar on Ancient Arcadia, held at the Norwegian Institute...