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Cypern - motsättningarnas ö.
By Paul Åström. 120 pages. ISBN: 978-91-85058-62-4.
In swedish. By Erik J. Holmberg. ISBN: 978-91-85058-63-1.
The Phaistos Disc. An Interpretation of Astronomical Symbols.
By Leon Pomerance. 76 pages. ISBN: 978-91-85058-67-9.
Politik och litteratur i Antikens Rom.
In swedish. By Erik Wistrand. 265 pages. ISBN: 978-91-85058-82-2.
Arkeologiskt detektivarbete.
In swedish. By Paul Åström. 136 pages.
Ages and Days in Cyprus.
"In October 1923 my wife and I travelled to Cyprus, landing in Larnaca. The unknown met me in the...
Capri - From the Stone Age to the Tourist Age.
Capri has probably seen more dramatic events and more extraordinary people on its own soil and in...
Ostia, Roms hamnstad.
In swedish. By Ingrid Pohl. 126 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-12-4.
In swedish. By Arvid Andrén. 83 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-20-9.
Att tyda antika bildverk.
In swedish. By Gösta Säflund. 172 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-21-6.
Romersk porträttkonst.
In swedish. By Olof Vessberg. 96 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-24-7.
Copper Production and Divine Protection.
This study considers arguments for the relationship between copper production and divine...
Minoan Religion as Ritual Action.
By Peter M. Warren. 39 pages. ISBN: 978-91-85058-62-4.
Etrusker - vad menade ni egentligen?
In swedish. By Gösta Säflund. 154 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-88-9.
Ritual Architecture, Iconography and Practice in the Late Cypriote Bronze Age.
By Jennifer Webb. 369 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-148-7.
High, Middle or Low? Part 3.
Acts of an International Colloquium on Absolute Chronology held in Göteborg 20th-22nd August...
Knossos, Keepers and Kneaders.
In this publication the fingerprints and palmprints on Linear B tablets from the Palace at...
Delphi and Olympia.
Erik J. Holmberg, whose highly appreciated paperback on Athens appeared in this series, here...
By Peter Misch. 266 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-042-8.
By Patrick Begg. ISBN: 978-91-7081-036-7.
Antik ekonomi. Tematiska studier av den antika ekonomins karaktär och utvecklingsmöjligheter.
In swedish. By Bertil Andersson. 339 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-034-3.
By Ingrid Hitzl. 324 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-042-8.
By Lefteris Platon & Yannis Pararas. ISBN: 978-91-7081-046-6.
Acts of an International Congress on Cypriote Archaeology Held in Göteborg on 22-24 Aug 1991.
Typology, Relative and Absolute Chronology of Some Early Cypriot III to Middle Cypriot I Tombs.
By Gisela Walberg & Reuben G. Bullard. 112 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-029-9.
Edited by Maurizio Gualtieri. ISBN: 978-91-7081-039-8.
A Study of the Disturbances in East-Central and S. Greece towards the End of the Early Bronze...
Acts of an International Congress on Cypriote Archaeology Held in Göteborg on 22-24 Aug 1991.
By Gösta Säflund. 175 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-035-0.
By S. Dominic Ruegg. 568 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-058-9.
Acts of an International Congress on Cypriote Archaeology Held in Göteborg on 22-24 Aug 1991.
By Anna-Greta Samuelson. 233 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-054-1.
A Methodological Study of Grave Gifts as Sex-Indicators in Iron Age Burials from Athens. By...
Mycenaean Athens.
By Penelope A. Mountjoy. 150 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-073-2.
By Giordano Labud. 186 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-085-5.
By Arvid Andrén. 64 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-100-5.
Proceedings of the Third International Workshop, Athens 1993. By Carole Gillis, Christina Risberg...
Edited by Alvar Ellegård & Gunilla Åkerström-Hougen. 123 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-104-3.
By Hans-Günter Buchholz & Klaus Untiedt. 204 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-099-2.
By Judith Powell. 272 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-112-8.
By Kim S. Shelton. 365 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-114-2.
By Henry Hankey. 48 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-154-8.
By Inger Marie Ruud. 124 pages.
Edited by Carole Gillis. 281 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-164-7.
By John G. Younger. 133 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-124-1.
Cypern i historiens spegel.
With two papers in English by P Åström and D Michaelides. Edited by Lars Linge. 63 pages. ISBN:...
Edited by Elisabeth Piltz & Paul Åström. 188 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-180-7.
By Claire Loader. 241 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-140-1.
Spindle whorls.
This study aims to provide a basis for understanding the functional and stylistic variability of...
Asine. A Swedish Excavation Site in Greece.
Asine in Peloponnese in southern Greece has since 1922 been a Swedish excavation site, where...
By Lena Larsson Lovén & Agneta Strömberg. 224 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-188-3.
Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop in Athens 1996. By Carole Gillis, Christina Risberg...
By Louise Hitchcock. 267 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-192-0.
A Comparison of Artifacts. By Donald W Jones. 104 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-153-1.
Edited by Karin Niklasson. 109 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-146-3.
By Kjell Malmgren. 205 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-109-8.
By Edgar J. Peltenburg. 145 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-02-5.
By Elena C. Partida. 333 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-169-2.
By Katharina Giesen. 467 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-171-5.
The World of the Early Etruscans
The Felix Neubergh lecture held at Gothenburg University 2000. By David Ridgway.
Karthago. Carthage.
Det svenska deltagandet i UNESCO-utgrävningarna. The Swedish Participation in the UNESCO...
Proceedings of the Second Nordic Symposium on Gender and Women´s History in Antiquity, Helsinki...
lllustrated Extracts from Alfred Westholm´s Letters to His Parents 1927-1931. N. Eriksson (ed.)...
By Susan F. Kromholz. ISBN: 978-91-86098-01-8.
By David Collard. 198 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-238-5.
Nordic Symposium on Gender and Women´s History in Antiquity. By Lena Larsson Lovén & Agneta...
Crossing Borders.
Proceedings of the 7th, 8th and 9th International Workshops in Athens 1997-1999. By Carole Gillis...
Immovable Offertory Installations in Late Bronze Age Cyprus.
by Yannis Pararas. 416 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-234-7.
Proceedings of the Symposium in Honour of the Memory of Einar Gjerstad Held in the Royal Academy...
Ambiguity and Minoan Neopalatial Seal Imagery.
by Erin McGowan. Printed in Uppsala 2011. 106 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-244-6. Hard cover.
The "Ochsenkrater-Grab" from Nicosia Ayia Paraskevi.
by Robert Merrillees. Printed in Uppsala 2012. 52 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-247-7. Hard cover.
The Manufacture of Minoan Metal Vessels. Theory and Practice.
by Christina Clarke. Printed in Uppsala 2013. 249 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-249-1. Hard cover.
Epigraphy, Numismatics, Prosopography and History of Ancient Cyprus.
Edited by Demetrios Michaelides. Printed in Uppsala 2013. 334 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-252-1.
By Zdzislaw Jan Kapera. ISBN: 978-91-86098-06-3.
Seaborne Trade and the Distribution of Roman Amphorae in the Mediterranean. Edited by Stella...
The Ceramics Industry of Roman Sikyon
A Technological Study. By Conor Trainor. Printed in Uppsala 2015. 144 pages. ISBN:...
Myth, Drama and Style in South Italian Vase-Painting.
Selected Papers by A.D. Trendall. Edited by Ian McPhee.
Maritime Transport Containers in the Bronze–Iron Age Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean
The maritime transport of goods in bulk provides a clear indicator of many facets of trade, from...
Ancient Cyprus Today. Museum Collections and New Research.
In 2015 the Medelhavsmuseet in Stockholm organised the international conference Ancient Cyprus...
Text and the Material World. Essays in Honour of Graeme Clarke..
Graeme Clarke’s research into aspects of the ancient world spans two significant areas: the...
Structures of Inequality on Bronze Age Cyprus .
edited by Linda Hulin, Lindy Crewe, and Jennifer M. Webb
The First Greek Style. By Robert L. Murray, Jr.. 40 pages. ISBN: 978-91-85058-65-5.
By Andreas G. Orphanides. ISBN: 978-91-86098-09-4.
By Ilona Skupinska-Løvset. ISBN: 978-91-86098-05-6.
By Karin Westerberg. 120 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-07-0.
By Barbara A. Barletta. ISBN: 978-91-86098-11-7.
Paul Åström shows in a chapter on the Middle Minoan chronology that we have hardly any reliable...
By Judith Weingarten. 180 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-16-2.
By Zdzislaw Jan Kapera. 92 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-17-9.
By Karl-Erik Sjöquist & Paul Åström. ISBN: 978-91-86098-22-3.
By Sophocles Sophocleous. ISBN: 978-91-86098-29-2.
By Cynthia W. Shelmerdine. ISBN: 978-91-86098-30-8.
By Arvid Andrén. 176 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-31-5.
By Henry Hankey. ISBN: 978-91-86098-36-0.
By Robert Laffineur. 171 pages. ISBN: 978-91-85058-73-0.
By William Culican. 720 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-41-4.
By William D. E. Coulson. ISBN: 978-91-86098-46-9.
By Martin P. Nilsson. ISBN: 978-91-86098-43-8.
By Glorianne Pionati Shams. ISBN: 978-91-86098-54-4.
Second edition. By Gisela Walberg. ISBN: 978-91-86098-56-8.
An Investigation into the Transference of Artistic Motifs Between the Aegean, Egypt and the Near...
Women's Lib i Aristophanes' Athen?
In swedish. By Birgitta Kurtén-Lindberg. 70 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-63-6.
By Sarah Stuart Leach. 213 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-60-5.
Acts of an International Colloquium on Absolute Chronology held in Göteborg 20th -22nd August...
Acts of an International Colloquium on Absolute Chronology held in Göteborg 20th -22nd August...
By Olga Psychoyos. 326 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-70-4.
The present study on the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli contains a collection of data...
By Carola Czernohaus. ISBN: 978-91-86098-76-6.
By Theodora Rombos. ISBN: 978-91-86098-77-3.
By Daya Nath Tripathi. 433 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-74-2.
By Bengt Mattsson. 176 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-83-4.
By Michael C. Astour. 152 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-86-5.
By Metaxia Tsipopoulou. 152 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-90-2.
By Eftychia Stavrianopoulou. ISBN: 978-91-86098-92-6.
By John C. Overbeck. ISBN: 978-91-85058-09-9.
The adventures of The Swedish Cyprus Expedition (1927-1931) have been characterized as "The...
By Erik J. Holmberg. 128 pages. ISBN: 978-91-85058-85-3.
By Judith Weinstein Balthazar. 459 pages. ISBN: 978-91-85058-46-4.
By Hakon Hjelmqvist. 21 pages. ISBN: 978-91-85058-45-7.
By Erik J. Holmberg. 107 pages. ISBN: 978-91-86098-73-5.
By Nancy Kelly Cooper. ISBN: 978-91-85058-44-0.
By Robert S. Merrillees. 38 pages. ISBN: 978-91-85058-86-0. Out of print.
Lapis Lazuli in Archaeological Contexts.
In spite of poor eyesight, with zeal and love Lissie von Rosen has devoted herself to her...
Interconnections based on the Material Record and the Written Evidence plus Orientalia. A...
By Angelia G. Papagiannopoulou. ISBN: 978-91-7081-016-9.
By Mary E. Voyatzis. 348 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-020-6.
By Efpraxia Tagalidou. 320 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-064-0.